Marcus Elliott tossed in 24 points to lead FWB Bulls in an 80-72 win over Gulf Coast Bulldogs in the 17-plus Adult Basketball League at the Destin Community Center.

Elliott made one 3-pointer, five twos and 11 from the free-throw line.

At the half, the Bulls led by 10 points.

Sherman Cain knocked down three 3s on his way to 16 points for the Bulls. Magic Hall scored 15 points.

Ishmael Skylark was tops for the Bulldogs with 28 points, including two 3s. Rusty Moorer hit two 3s on his way to 14 points, and Xavier Jones tossed in one 3-pointer en route to 13 points.

Old Bay Steamer 50, Old Timers 38

Old Bay led 30-20 at the half.

Tommy Grisham was high-point player for Old Bay with two 3s en route to 26 points. Chris Wade chipped in eight points and Anthony Lanier contributed six.

Ryan Legions made four 3s on his way to 16 points for Old Timers. Mike Anders hit one trey en route to nine points, and Erik Fordyce knocked down two 3s for six points.

Last of the Mo Records 28, Prestige Worldwide 25

At the half, Prestige led 30-16.

Jonathan Roberts led Mo Records with six points. Joshua Prosper scored five and A.J. Coward made one 3-pointer.

Tommy O'Drain hit one 3-pointer en route to 13 points for Prestige. Clint Leopold scored 11 points and Jeremy Whittenburg  eight points.


30-plus Adult Basketball

Sandestin 76, Carr, Riggs and Ingram 51

Sandestin led by 17 points at the half.

K.B. Bowers was the go-to guy for Sandestin making eight 3s on his way to 26 points. Jeff Scaife scored 14 points, and Robert Booker made two 3s en route to 12 points.

Matt Maskiewicz hit two 3s en route to 14 points for Ingram. Zach Cobble hit two 3s on his way to 12 points, Heath Massey scored 10 points, and Kevin Cooper made three 3s for nine points.