Mattís Take:

If the Cubsí brass has its way, they are going to make Wrigley Field closely resemble an IMAX Theater, which would be a tremendous upgrade over the on-the-field product we are stuck with now.

Thatís if they can come to an agreement with city leaders in Chicago on a $500 million renovation.

As a diehard Cubs fan, I know Andrew hates the idea of renovating the beloved home of the Cubbies. If it were up to him, Wrigley Field would still sport wooden seats and 3-cent hotdogs.

At the center of his heartburn is a video scoreboard. To borrow a line from the gang at ESPN, ďCom on, man!Ē

Itís a scoreboard. Whatís the big deal?

The way I see this, if an enormous video scoreboard is installed in centerfield, at least they could show movies to give fans something entertaining to watch.  The Cubs are 2-5 on the season, and itís not going to get any better.

Honestly, if you could sit in Wrigley and watch ďGladiatorĒ or  ď300,Ē why wouldnít you? Seems like a great way to spend the afternoon.

Wrigley is the second-oldest ballpark in Major League Baseball, only behind Fenway Park in Boston. And for the past 105 years, Cubs fans have been suffering without a World Series title.

While there is no chance they play for the crown anytime soon, at least an enormous scoreboard would give them a great venue to watch the World Series.

Give fans a reason to go to Wrigley. If you build it, they will come.

Imagine it now, take the video screen from Cowboyís Stadium and slap it on Wrigley. Now thatís entertainment.


Andrewís take:

Have you looked up tickets to Chicago for this summer? Because this is your last chance to witness baseball at its finest.

And donít even joke about going to the South Side. Thatís not baseball. Thatís a freak show. Seriously, Google some images of White Sox fans.

This is your last chance to visit Wrigley Field in all its glory.

Last week, the Chicago Cubs announced that they are close to a deal for the latest renovation in the fieldís 99-year history. And there is one very large mistake highlighted in the list of changes; a video scoreboard.

If it ainít broke, donít fix it, right?

Hands down, without question, the best experience you can have in the sport of baseball is a game at Wrigley.

Iíve been to Fenway Park and the old Yankee Stadium. And donít get me wrong, I respect those parks for what they have. But nothing compares to a game in the Friendly Confines.

What makes this park so special is the fact that nothing comes between you and the game. Thereís not a bad seat in the house.

No rap music, no retractable roof and, until now, no ďjumbotron.Ē Itís just a ball park.

Compared to other major American sports, baseball moves a little slow. And if you sit any other Major League ballpark, you end up just watching a screening for three hours.

But not at Wrigley.

Do you ever wonder why baseball lost the top spot amongst American sports as far as popularity goes? Itís kind of funny that football and basketball grabbed the spotlight just as baseball parks started incorporating video technology.

So, donít waste any time. Buy a ticket to Chicago, and go straight to Wrigleyville. Get a brat at Murphyís before the game, and once youíre inside, keep the Old Style flowing. Youíll never forget it.

Grandpa Andrew, out.