I have been driving for 77 years, from one end of our country to the other, and have never had an accident. (Knock on wood.)

If I have to contribute my safe driving to something or some things, there are three major areas.

1. I try to obey all the traffic laws in whatever state I am driving in.

2. The most important is keeping my distance from the vehicle in front of me. I don't mean a mile, but the proper distance recommended by the AAA. In case the vehicle in front of you makes some stupid or unexpected move, you have room to take evasive action.

3. Also very important: Although with modern vehicles itís not necessary to pump your brakes in order for the brakes to work, I still pump mine when I'm nearing an intersection or traffic light or stop sign. The blinking action of the brake lights attempts to alert the driver behind you, especially if he or she is dozing off or just not paying attention.

Last year, I recommended to General Motors that a safety device be placed on every vehicle which would automatically apply the brakes when the vehicle gets closer than the recommended distance at a given speed.

I was informed that this has been done on some vehicles. When this is done with all vehicles we will save a major portion of some 50,000 people that are killed each year in traffic accidents.

Pay attention; drive carefully.

Remember that distance is your best friend.


Samuel Lombardo