With a break — finally — in the clouds, local charter boats are back at it and filling the racks with king mackerel, mingo, white snapper and grouper.

Allison Bohn of St. Louis was one of the lucky anglers to haul in a king mackerel Monday morning while fishing with Capt. Steve Regan on the Cutting Edge.

"It was so fun," Bohn said. "But my arms are going to hurt for a week."

While she was reeling the king to the boat, a barracuda buried his teeth in the mackerel, leaving some definite bite marks.

Missouri and Arkansas anglers on the Anastasia with Capt. Tony Davis came in with a king mackerel along with a pile of mingo and white snapper.

The group aboard the Just B Cause with Capt. Ken Bolden hauled in a pair of king mackerel plus several mingo and white snapper. Bolden said they caught the mackerel fly lining while bottom fishing.

Missouri anglers on the Sea Winder with Capt. Stan Phillips came in with a mingo, white snapper and a few black snapper from a morning trip. Phillips was headed back out for an afternoon trip.

Capt. George Eller and folks on the Checkmate 2 pulled in a king mackerel, white snapper and mingo.

Texas anglers on the Backlash with Capt. Jason Mikel reeled in a grouper, lane snapper, mingo and white snapper while fishing with a squid rig. Mikel said they also hooked into a 250-plus pound shark that they cut loose.

Capt. Buddy Godwin on the Indian Outlaw and his group stayed in close and pulled in a limit of red snapper, one weighing about 18 pounds. They also had a grouper and a red grouper on the racks.

"We're going to catch 'em as long as we can," said Capt. Godwin of the red snapper. The Indian Outlaw is not a federally permitted boat, so it can still land red snapper in state waters, out to nine miles, through July 14. And from what the deckhand was saying they were definitely within nine miles. "We could see the condos the whole time," he said.

Anglers on the Miss Hazel with Capt. Bill Williams pulled in a few king mackerel while trolling live bait.

The Inshore Angler came in from a bay trip with a limit of mangrove snapper. "We're staying in close until we know what’s happening after all the rain," said Capt. Daniel Pike. He said they were using little greenies for bait.

Days of rain haven't dampened the spirits of the anglers, so I'll see you at the docks.