A few years ago God showed me a path. He showed me where to go. He drew a picture for me of a way to bring His love into the lives of children in our community through summer camps and camp-like programs. I sat down. I prayed.

And I began, slowly, to put His vision into a vision that others could see. I wrote my mission statement first. And, the first sentence of it goes like this, ďImagine a place to take your children where they are taught the value of Godís love.Ē

Even I didnít know exactly where that place was, but I knew I didnít have to worry about it too much because He was with me in my mission.

 I would like to thank Destiny Worship Center and Destin United Methodist for opening their doors to me and allowing me to continue my mission. I am very grateful for the spaces they provided. This summer we were able to plant seeds of faith in more than 200 childrenís lives and ministered to a few broken families.

Thank you to everyone involved for your graciousness, your talents and your commitment to help me enrich the lives of Godís children. Although summer camp is over, it is just the beginning of the planning of the camps for the winter and other outreach activities God has chosen or asked me to do. Our next camp will be His Greatest Gift Camp and Winter Camp during Christmas school break.  It always starts the Saturday before Christmas.

A video on www.holykidzcamps.com captures some of the summer moments.

Tami Carr is the founder of Holy Kidz Summer Camps, a branch of Holy Mackerel Summer Camps she began at Immanuel Anglican Church in 2006 as their childrenís pastor. She believes God called her out of the church, but not out of ministry, and she now oversees the planting of Holy Kidz Summer Camps across the Panhandle and wherever the Lord shall lead her.