Justin Myers likes to help homebuyers find the home of their dreams and he is always determined to help them find the best financing options for them. He was an experienced mortgage officer and worked in the banking industry for five years, working with CFIC, Country Wide, and Bank of America.

In a market where financing is a leading key factor in being able to buy a home, Myers’ expertise is valuable. He still works with attorneys who help homeowners negotiate with banks regarding foreclosure, and he also has a wealth of experience in home construction and renovation. He worked with Home Depot for five years. He worked in all the departments, and made flooring his specialization.

Myers became a real estate agent in 2009 and he was “a natural.” Because of his extensive knowledge base, he has been very successful. Myers is the rare agent who has a strong expertise in residential real estate and commercial real estate as well. He is just as comfortable selling restaurants as he is selling commercial warehouses.

Myers has also completed The Leadership Development Program with the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors. This is a unique program designed to enhance an agent’s professionalism and leadership skills and prepare an agent for a leadership position in the Emerald Coast Association of Realtors.  This program is made up of classes over several months that allow the program candidates to hear from local leaders including Association leadership and locally elected public officials, specifically local majors. Candidates also attend two Florida Realtors functions: Great American Realtor Days in Tallahassee where Realtors gather in the capital to advocate for property owners and the real estate industry, meeting with state Senators and Representatives and also The Florida Realtors Annual Convention which is normally held in the month of August.

Although recently engaged, in his spare time Myers is busy raising his three children. He coaches his daughter’s football team, he hunts and fishes with his oldest son and his youngest son is a kick boxer who has won many titles, although he is only 12 years old. Myers likes being an example for his children in leadership and it seem he is doing a great job not only in the real estate world, but also as a leader of his family.