It's the norm for a litter of puppies to be separated and go to different homes, often to never see one another again.

That wasn't the case for five local golden retrievers, whose owners reunited them to celebrate their second birthday at the Destin Dog Park Nov. 23.

"It was awesome. Five of the 10 dogs made it," Kelly Donaldson, who owns one of dogs, told The Log. "It was cool to see how their personalities are similar or different, and there looks, too. They range in color from really, really blonde to really, really red."

Kim Parker fostered the dogs and their mother during her pregnancy and until she found homes for all 10 of the puppies. All of the puppies went to local homes. Scarlet, Donaldson's dog, originally went to another owner. When that situation didn't work out, Parker took her back in until she found another home for her.

"Kim knew that I was looking for a dog. That's how I came to meet Scarlet and I ended up adopting her. She was about a year and half at that point. Everyone else has had the puppies since they were like eight weeks or so," Donaldson said.

When their second birthday was approaching, Donaldson and Parker thought it would be fun to reunite them.

"They definitely were happy to be around each other. They all have the golden personality, that happy, tail wagging like it's going to fall off personality," Donaldson said. "We'll definitely do it again, hopefully for their third birthday."