“Our motto is, 'Let us run while you have fun.' ”

Imagine driving 12 hours for one week at the beach, then arriving at your condo only to find you have to go right back out for a grocery trip. Now imagine the same 12-hour trip, only this time you arrive to find your condo fully stocked with everything you need and you can hit the sand right away.

The second scenario is exactly what inspired Fran Fortson to create Destin Grocery Girls, a grocery purchasing and delivery service five years ago.

“Our motto is, ‘Let us run while you have fun,’ ” said Fortson. “The tourists come into town and the first thing they have to do is go to the grocery store. It can take them four or five hours because of the lines and because they don’t know where everything is. Our goal is to make the delivery before they get in so that everything is there when they arrive.”

When it comes to choosing the best produce or getting the best bang for your buck, Fortson said she knows a thing or two about grocery shopping that will insure every customer gets the most from her service.

“I’ve been in the grocery business and retail industry for over 30 years,” she said. “When I was coming up with the idea for Destin Grocery Girls I was trying to think of something in the same field that I am in – this is something I feel like I know inside and out.”

Fortson said when it comes to price, she is straight forward and open about the cost of her service.

“We shop like we are shopping for ourselves,” she said. “We shop the sales and we always pick the freshest produce. Also, there is no up-charge – the customer pays exactly what the store charges save from the 20-percent charge for the shopping and stocking and a $55 flat fee for the delivery.”

Now that she has a firm foot in the door with the tourist market, Fortson said she would like to extend her business to locals needing a weekly food delivery service.

“We already offer our service year-round, but we would like to offer the same personalized service we give our tourists to locals,” she said. “I want that personalized touch that when they walk in and open up the fridge or pantry, it’s fully stocked with every label facing forward.”