NICEVILLE — A husband and wife were arrested by Niceville police after they were found in a pickup truck with drugs.

The man, 26-year-old Andrew James Barbaresi, and his wife, 37-year-old Elizabeth Anne Obrien, were found in their Ford Ranger pickup at a Winding Waters Way address parked partially in a driveway and partially in grass.

The officer wrote in the arrest report he saw Barbaresi, who was behind the wheel of the still-running vehicle, snort something from either a debit card or prescription card, then wipe his nose with his hand, and wipe his hand on his shorts.

When Barbaresi was detained, officers spotted Obrien, who appeared to be unconscious with her head against the center console. The strap of her purse was wrapped tightly around her arm, as if she had used it as a tourniquet, the officer noted, and a syringe was lying in plain view next to her leg.

A small plastic bag of heroin was found in Barbaresi’s pocket. Six syringes were found in the truck.

Barbaresi was charged with drug possession, drug equipment possession, and probation violation. Obrien was charged with violation of community control. Her court date is July 20.