When Harbor Docks first opened in 1979, it had six picnic tables and two coolers.

A lot of restaurants on the Emerald Coast offer “fresh seafood,” but Harbor Docks takes it to a whole new level. 

The restaurant has an in-house seafood market just down the stairs from the main restaurant.

“When the fish is that fresh, there’s no way to prepare it other than simply and well,” said general manager Eddie Morgan.

When Harbor Docks first opened in 1979, it had six picnic tables and two coolers.

“You had to shuck your own oysters and run your own beer tap,” Morgan said.

 Nowadays, the restaurant houses around 230 seats, the front door of the original restaurant is now the back door of the kitchen, and though customers don’t have to prepare their own dishes anymore, the food is still as fresh.

Not a whole lot else has changed about Harbor Dock’s over the past 37 years, and that includes the staff. The restaurant has four chefs who have been there for over 20 years, some of them 30 years.

Anne Jones, affectionately known as “Miss Anne,” is one of those chefs. She started in 1984 and has become famous for her fried chicken and banana pudding.

“This is just the place I belong, always have,” Jones said.

Another of the restaurant’s star chefs is Yoshie Eddings, who has been serving up mean sushi at the restaurant’s sushi bar for 25 years. Manager Eddie Morgan, whose father Charles Morgan III owns Harbor Docks, claims it was one of the first sushi bars in the Southeast to feature sushi in a non-traditional setting.

 “People used to be kind of scared to eat sushi,” Morgan said. “We introduced so many people to it.”

Harbor Docks celebrated its 37th anniversary over the holiday weekend.