Pet owners will have an opportunity to spay or neuter their pets for reduced prices with the help of Dog-Harmony Inc. and Operation Spay Bay.

Every first Monday of the month, the non-profit organization will start taking dogs and cats to the clinic in Panama City free of charge. Owners will need to make an appointment a week in advance and bring their pets to the facility located at 3906 U.S. Highway 98 W. in Santa Rosa Beach.

Operation Spray Bay is a low-cost clinic brought together by the effort of several rescues focused on reducing euthanizing at kill shelters on a daily basis.

“Pet population is insane in our area. This will help stop the flow of puppies being born,” said Nancy Bown, the founder of Dog-Harmony.

Bown said a program like this is missing in the local area and it make much easier to get dogs and cats adopted. Most pet owners now are dropping off puppies they don’t want to local animal shelters and rescues.

“Local shelters are even shipping out puppies to other states because they are not getting adopted here,” she said.

Prices will be reduced to $20 for cats and about $80 for dogs. Normally a procedure can cost in the hundreds.

“It will also be good for fosters to bring in the pets and get them spayed and neutered at a very low cost,” Bown said.

To reserve a spot, call 850-376-4190. For more information, visit