This column is dedicated to my two loyal best friends, Lacy and Tucker.

Pooch & Pal: We’ve all heard your true personality matches your dogs. My BFF were both Border Collies but Lacy was warm, gentle, kind and licked everybody she met. She was also an AKC Champion. Tucker is more of an alert friendly guardian, dutifully protective with an uncanny gift of comprehension. Do they learn our behaviors and mirror them or do we learn something from them? Do we rescue them or do they rescue us? Maybe it’s an amazing partnership that God has blessed us with to enhance the lives of both. When we lose them, their quiet absence is deafening. On the Doctors TV, two doctors were sharing the lifelong memories with their dogs and how their passing affects them today. As Dr. Travis Stork began speaking of his ailing elderly dog, he began to cry. Well, out came the Kleenex for me since I’m still grieving the recent loss of my sweet little Lacy. We honor people we love with memorials but society does not support the public honoring of these gentle loving souls, so we often mourn alone. In memory of my BFF Lacy, please take some time to acknowledge the loss of a friend's beloved dog. It’s not “just a dog.” It’s the loss of a constant companion, and this loving companion's absence is profound. Your care and concern will be of great comfort.

Sit and Stay: More than five years and 60 columns later, it’s time to put this pooch to bed. Don’t whimper as past issues of The Pooch Scoop News can be read online at for dog-friendly places to eat, walk, play and run with your BFF. Find low cost shots/spay neuter clinics, leash and beach laws in the Scoop too, plus timeless training tips you can use. Bark all about it and share on Facebook. Woof: Most local restaurants with outdoor dining areas will welcome your well-behaved furry kids.

The Destin Dog Park: This column was originally created to help generate funds for the Destin Dog Park. The response was pawsome and we’ve seen this park improve over the years, thanks to your generous donations. Please feed the donation box at the park regularly or visit the city of Destin's website at to make a contribution. Volunteers are always welcome at the Dog Park, so sniff around the Friends' Facebook page at Park for events.

In Lieu of Flowers & in Memory of Lacy: Lacy loved people and a charitable donation to the Sanctuary Friends Network to help children and adults suffering with cancer enjoy lasting memories in Destin would be a wonderful gift. Go to and donate today in her name. Click on Make a Donation in the top left column and help these families enjoy a few days of happiness, peace and comfort with their loved one who is facing a terminal illness.

Chow for Now: It’s been fun hunting down this trail for 5 years with you all and thank you for your readership, support, and sharing on Facebook! Happy Trails to you, until we meet again. Your furreindly Scoop writer Patty & Pooch reporters; Highland Lass aka Lacy & Highland Gent aka Tucker

PawScript: Do you want to know more about joining the Sanctuary Friends Network? Contact them via their website above or email me at:

P.A. DeFrenza, a.k.a The Destin Dog Whisperer/Pooch Scoop Reporter, is a resident of Destin, freelance writer and American Red Cross volunteer.