The Havana Beach Club at The Pearl reopened the next day, according to inspection reports.

ROSEMARY BEACH — An upscale restaurant on Walton County Road 30A was closed May 24 after failing a routine inspection by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

The Havana Beach Club, located at The Pearl hotel, reopened the next day, according to inspection reports.

During the first inspection, three live roaches were found under the dish machine and 24 were found in a cooler. One live roach was found in the waitress station and 10 were found on the cook line, the report said. The presence of live roaches is considered a high-priority violation.

Less serious violations included a broken dishwasher, raw and undercooked food being offered without an advisory and black/green mold in the ice machine. The cutting board was also damaged and could not be cleaned properly, the report said.

When the inspector returned the next day, extensions were given to fix problems with the ice machine and dishwasher. The restaurant was also given time to notify customers of the dangers of raw/undercooked food, the follow-up report said. The restaurant was also given an extension to replace the cutting board.

The roaches were gone, though.

The restaurant is located at 63 Main St. in Rosemary Beach.