The month of June has officially broken rainfall records and has become the wettest month ever since the National Weather Service has been collecting records.

Records go back about 20 years when the National Weather Service first stationed in the Fort Walton Beach and Destin area in November 1996. The previous local rainfall record was set in June 2003 at 11.75 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

“So far 15.85 inches of rain has fallen in June and the significant portion of that came from Tropical Storm Cindy and from the past few days,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Tim Cermak on Friday.

When Tropical Storm Cindy passed through the area, the storm dropped about 5.92 inches of rain. Last week's storms added 4.2 inches of rain.

“On average, June typically gets about 5.5 inches of rain the Destin area,” he said.

Cermak said the heavy rainfall is caused by training thunderstorms that set up and stay in relatively the same area for an extended amount of time dumping rain.

“In a bigger scale, you can also get a tropical system and those dump a lot of rain as well,” he said. “We had both in the month of June. That’s what made it special and broke records.”