A new and improved noise control pollution ordinance proposal is on the right track in getting enforced.

The ordinance will enforce unnecessary and excessive noise that may interfere with the quality of life, health, welfare and safety of the public.

“The mayor (Scott Fisher) brought it up in the previous council meeting and is working on this ordinance,” said Doug Rainer, the city’s spokesperson.

The ordinance is being reviewed by city staff to see if it compatible with city code.

"The old ordinance was written poorly and the (Okaloosa County) Sheriff’s Office couldn’t enforce it. The new (ordinance) cleans up some problems the old one had,” said Mayor Scott Fischer. “We want to make sure everyone in the city is on the same page.”

Fischer said he worked with the Sheriff’s Office to write the new ordinance and the department has signed off on it.

The new noise ordinance is still being worked on by city staff and has not been scheduled for discussion by the council yet. Rainer said the ordinance will not be ready in time for the council to discuss at their July 17 meeting. However, it could be ready for its first reading at one of the council's two meetings in August.

The first reading of the ordinance will be a council discussion only. However, the second reading of the ordinance will be a public hearing in which the public will be invited to comment on it before the board takes its final vote.

“If someone is playing the radio high at 2 a.m., we need law enforcement,” Fischer said. “A lot of homes are being rented out to large groups up and down on the beach. If nuisance and loud noise is coming out of those homes, the Sheriff’s Office will be able to enforce it with this ordinance.”

Fischer said the city is still young and they are trying stay up-to-date with ordinances other larger cities have had for over 50 years.

“We are growing as a city and I really never heard of a city without a noise pollution control ordinance.” he said