Rumors circulating that the city of Destin was eliminating its neighborhood access at Harbor Lane are unfounded, according to city of Destin spokesman Doug Rainer. 

Harbor Lane Access, which provides one of the only public access points to Joe’s Bayou, is a popular area for residents of the Moreno Acres neighborhood and surrounding areas.

Rumors circulating on social media Monday claimed the city was considering removing the steps altogether, which would effectively eliminate people’s ability to access the beach and water down below.

Rainer said the city had no plans to do away with the steps or the access, but it is planning to repair the dilapidated wooden staircase. 

“The repairs that need to be made are on our list and our staff is looking to make those repairs as soon as we can,” Rainer said.

The city is moving to make the repairs “right now,” Rainer said, but is having to work around the rain and weather.

The area in need of repairs is currently blocked off until the repairs are made.