It’s just a simple act of kindness but it’s making a big impact in communities across the country. Rock painting groups are brightening the days of strangers, one beautiful rock at a time.

Rob and Amy Sparks, Children In Crisis Neighborhood house parents, started rock panting a few months ago, and it’s become very popular at CIC.

Lauren Helms of Helms Hauling and Materials, started raising funds for CIC and other charities by donating the revenue from the rocks that were purchased for the purpose of rock painting. She made a donation of $984.68 to give back to the community and help CIC feed and clothe the children living at the CIC neighborhood.

“It really makes our children living at the CIC Neighborhood feel special when people from the community are called to action,” said Ken Hair, CIC president/CEO. “This is only one example of the awesome support from people like Lauren who care.”