This one’s for the people who make my day, both those seen and unseen. They’re customer service royalty in my queenly book. They may not be aware that being in my life even for a short span of time makes me smile and enriches my life. They’re all important to me. Perhaps what these folks do in their occupations is not out of the ordinary. To this writer, they’re all extraordinary. They’re worthy of a shout out. So use your imagination readers, and envision me holding a garnet and gold megaphone (because I love the Seminoles) as I cheer loudly for the following:

Patricia, Mary, Michelle, Paxton, Pedro, Robert and Greg at Destin’s Ross Dress for Less. These employees help make my very frequent shopping excursions memorable because they each make me smile, offer a kind word, share hope or just make me feel good. That’s a gift I can open every time I visit Ross. When I make an unnecessary dress purchase (is there such a thing?), it just seems necessary because I receive either a personal greeting or an employee will ask how my day is going. Yes, I am addicted to Ross for more than just the fashionable, affordable dresses. The employees make the difference, and you can’t put a price tag on that. Designer dress: $29.99. Kindness: Priceless.

Emily at Walgreen’s (Danny Wuerffel Way location) really made my day last weekend. She assisted me with the photo selection process set up to print photos from my “smarty pants” phone. She was knowledgeable, courteous, and patient. Emily’s positive attitude made me happier than the bonus points on my Walgreens rewards card.

A salute to Margot at Dollar General (just off Main Street in Destin). I shop at DG often, and Margot is consistently upbeat and always greets me. She’s a multi-tasker and a hard worker. I especially admire her high energy level. Way to go, Margot.

The Miramar Beach Post Office employees. These government personnel are consistently courteous, considerate, and customer service-oriented. They’re a quality package — signed, sealed, delivered.

Angela at Acentria Insurance. Angela’s my awesome auto insurance agent. She’s dedicated, extremely knowledgeable and delivers customer service with a capital C. Make that a bold capital C, underlined and highlighted. I’m totally insured and I rest assured with Angela at the helm of my insurance needs.

Yvonne at Eglin Federal Credit Union has been a telephonic friend and point of contact for years. We’ve never met, but it feels like we’re old chums whenever I call her regarding my account. Professional and polite, I can bank on Yvonne every time.

Remember to thank the folks in customer service who brighten your life and lighten your load.

Cynthia Burton is a Destin resident and former U.S. Marine.