Summer of Code students were awarded for their hard work on Friday after competing in the Robolympics robotics competition at the Destin Library.

More than 20 students formed teams and worked on their LEGO robots for the past six weeks during the Summer of Code camp. During that time, they competed in challenges like controlling their robots in a dance off, maneuvering through a maze, picking up color blocks and successfully follow a colored line.

“This was our first time using these robots and it will not be our last. We are going to see what will be the competition for next summer,” said Megan Fontaine, the organizer of the Robolympics competition. “I really want to see it to continue to grow with more kids participating.”

Team Pikachu was the highest scoring team and won the coveted code cup. The team was formed by siblings Fisher and Addie Kelly.

“They have never tried coding before and it has given them so much confidence. They are now very excited about computer coding,” said Kimberly Kelly, Addie and Fisher’s mother. “I told them it didn’t matter if the placed first place or not, just go out there and have fun.”

Kimberly said her kids now feel comfortable at the library and plan to register them for the fall/winter kids’ computer science classes, where they will learn more about game and web coding.

“The library has become their little home now,” she said.

Placing second in hungry hungry robots and third in dance dance, team JJs' Joey Griffith said he is a LEGO fanatic and it was fun competing and making new friends.

“I just wanted to get one medal…we achieved our goal,” he said.

Fontaine said most of the students will return and sign up for the fall coding classes.

“The main focus was to bring kids into the library and show them all of the things we can offer,” she said.

Fisher Kelly will be one of the students returning.

“The hardest part was programming and coding my robot,” Fisher said. “It was really fun. I really like that the library has a lot of cool stuff you can use for free.”