Once again the young ladies of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints traveled to the woodsy wilds of Northwest Florida to have their annual funfest, called Girls’ Camp.

Under the direction of the youth counselors Stefani and Jorgenson, those attending enjoyed fun activities in the pool as well as learning safety measures, creating songs and dances, costuming, and producing plays with a spiritual message.

According to one youth, the Dutch Oven cooking contest was one of the most fun and naturally delicious. Entries included pineapple upside-down cake, cobbler, s’mores and pasta. The directors and students all helped with food preparation during the week and the girls would help to serve.

Some challenges were those that prompted them to create costumes and props out of recycled items presented to them in a big garbage bag. Their skits had a fairy tale theme, yet were spiritually uplifting. The highlight is usually the lip sync contest. Some of the songs used this year were “Make a Man Out of You,” “Be Our Guest,” and “House of Gold.”

Other lessons learned were those of celestial navigation, CPR, basic first aid, personal grooming and scripture study. The testimony meetings were done in small groups initially to bring out the shy ones and then involved the whole group at the end.

The greatest impact Girls’ Camp has on the girls and their leaders is the spirit of love, happiness and support of one another. Each one leaves camp with a feeling of being filled with this special love and acceptance and the knowledge that they are a daughter of God.