The Destin Community Center impressed the community by presenting several trucks that are seen around the city.

Fire, construction, garbage and light power trucks were on display on Friday for kids to see up-close-and-person and pretend to drive during the city's annual Big Truck Day.

“The boys love trucks and it gives locals and our children something to do,” said Kim Kacic, who was there with her kids. “They only get to see these trucks on road.”

Sarah Smith also made it a family event with her children.

“Events like this draw the community together,” she said. “It’s good to get out and spend quality time with my boys.”

Destin Fire Control District Capt. Justin Blixt made sure to have a few fire trucks out for kids to get a chance to see and get some hands on time with.

“It’s always good to meet people in the community,” Blixt said. “(The kids) get so excited to get up in the cab. That’s where the captain sits and they can see everything. They get a kick out of that.”