One of Tara Carson’s biggest dreams is getting married in her hometown of New Orleans and now it is closer than ever to coming true.

Carson and her fiancé Geoff Brower decided to enter a free wedding contest that is sponsored by Ace Hotel in New Orleans and Yeah Weddings. One lucky couple will win an all-inclusive paid wedding, which includes dress and tuxedo, a planner, the venue and catering. The $75,000 wedding would take place on Nov. 5.

The couple first met in summer 2003 during a night out in Destin with mutual friends.

“He was very goofy and made me laugh, that is one of the reasons why are we still together,” Tara said.

Ever since that summer day, Tara and Geoff have been inseparable. They enjoy spending time a on the beach, working out, travelling and have lived their lives together one day at time. Before they knew it, almost 14 years has past.

Tara said one of the moments she will never forget was the night Geoff got down on one knee and proposed on Sept. 1, 2016, at the Space Needle restaurant in Seattle, Washington.

“I really don’t do heights and going up that clear elevator didn’t help,” said Geoff, who had purchased the ring six weeks before the proposal. “I was already nervous with the ring in my pocket.”

Tara was in total shock and almost fell out of her seat.

“I really had no idea, after being together for so long who knew it was going to be that night,” she said. “I just thought he was nervous of the heights.”

Now, they hope their next journey will be to New Orleans for the free wedding.

“After 14 years, friends and family wanted to know when we were going to get married, and then I thought what a better place than in my hometown, which isn’t far away from Destin,” Tara said.

Tara and Geoff had to get through several rounds to make it to the top 20 couples, including writing a touching story about how they met, find an old fashioned photo booth and take photos, submit a goofy video of them dancing and demonstrate how the community is supporting them.

“Everything had to be submitted through our Instagram and we are hoping to be (one of) the top five selected.” Tara said. “Then the public will be able to vote for us."

Tara said if they do reach the top five, she is going to blow up social media with flyers and posts to promote themselves.

“It has been fun and we have had a lot of anxiety everyday,” she said. “It’s just fun to see everybody come together.”

Geoff said he would be very grateful if they are able to pull it off and actually win the contest.

“I’m the last person who wants to plan. … Just tell me the time and date and I will be there,” he said. “It would really be a blessing in disguise.”