Parents kissed and wished their children a good day as they dropped them off for their first day at school on Thursday morning.

Destin elementary and middle schools were busy with students looking for their classrooms and getting ready for the school year.

“A lot of kids are nervous and shy at first because some of them are new,” said Channing Gordon, a third grade teacher at Destin Elementary. “But it’s cute to see then wear their Sunday best.”

On the first day, students learn what is expected from them and what they are going to be learning throughout the year.

“We're excited. … We had a fun summer, but we are ready to get back into a schedule,” said Candi Jerkins, who was dropping her son off at Mrs. Gordon’s class at Destin Elementary.

Destin Middle School was no different with first time fifth graders trying to figure out their locker combinations and find their way around in a new school.

“Everyone is a little nervous, especially the fifth graders. But we are doing everything we can to make them feel comfortable,” said Grant Meyer, Destin Middle School’s principal.

Trying to figure out her new locker combination, sixth grader Trinity Purselley said this year will be more lad back even though she is still feeling the first day back to school jitters.

“I’m a little nervous because now I have this new locker and I was so used to my old locker,” Trinity said. “I also have all of these new classes this year.”

Trinity’s mother, Kimberly Thomas, said Trinity was nervous that she was not going to make in time for school and be marked tardy on the first day.

“I told her that it’s going to be OK and just enjoy her day and don’t let things get to her,” she said.

Meyer said the first day is mostly getting students familiar with school policies, code of conduct and expectations for the school year.

“If we can get through all of that by the end of the day, then we are successful,” he said.