I rarely write letters to the editor, but I have to at this time.

In my opinion, these times are screaming out for term limits on our congresspeople, both senators and representatives. I think it was HST who invoked the term "do nothing congress." If that great man was alive today, he might be leading a charge to get term limits.

The latest quote in the Wall Street Journal by our Senate leader McConnell implies that in order to understand the complexity of legislating, you have to have been in "this line of work."

Garbage! If that was true then why do we limit the terms of presidents who are equally vital in the process of legislating. Furthermore, there are many states that have legislative term limits and surprisingly some of those states have balanced budgets. Maybe lack of legislating capability would be good.

I am a registered Republican, but I will usually vote for the individual that I believe will do the best for our country. In future elections, I believe that I will be voting against the incumbent senator who is running for a third term and incumbent congressman who is running for a fourth term, irrespective of party affiliation.

If I was younger, I would be attempting to organize a movement among the voting public to follow my lead.

H. M. Gibbs