“Looking from the outside, it really looks like a lot of horrible things are happening to us all at once. … It’s very surreal,” she said. “ We just need to keep moving forward.”

It is said that God will never give you more than you can handle. But that old adage is being put to the test for the Wheeler family.

Already dealing with the recent diagnosis that the brain tumor 12-year-old Kriseya Wheeler had battled for years had returned and become more aggressive, the family is now struggling to recover and find a place to live after a recent fire destroyed their home.

The family of five was in their Benning Drive home at about 10:30 p.m. on Aug.11 when flames started to come from the laundry room.

“I was the first one to see the fire and ran to my brother yelling that there was a fire,” said Kriseya. “We then went into our parents' room screaming about the fire.”

Kriseya’s parents, Chris and Jeniffer, got up quickly but in that moment couldn’t find their cell phones to call for help.

“I frantically ran to my neighbor’s house, banged on the door and asked them to call 911.” Kriseya said.

Jeniffer attempted to stop the fire with pots full of water, while her oldest son Chrisjen grabbed the outside water hose and dragged it to his father, who was still inside.

“At that point, I screamed at everyone to get out of the house,” Chris said.

Kriseya, Chrisjen and their 6-year-old brother Cloud stood outside, while Jeniffer saved their pregnant dog Paisely and got out from the back door and Chris safely ran out from the front door. During the commotion, they weren't able to find their pet pig, Waddles.

Firefighters from the Destin Fire Control District and Okaloosa Island managed to put out the fire and saved Waddles, but not before the pig sustained brain damages due to smoke inhalation.

“The three puppies Paisely gave birth to (after the fire) unfortunately did not survive,” Jeniffer said.

The family did not have renter's insurance and most of their possessions where destroyed in the fire. They are now living in a 275-sqaure-foot one-bedroom trailer on their farm in Freeport.

“Our next goal is to find a place to live closer to our children’s schools,” said Chris.

Kriseya was diagnosed with a large benign tumor in January 2015 and has undergone several operations and chemotherapy since. In June, doctors discovered the tumor had begun shedding cancerous cells into her spinal column, which could cause meningitis, a potentially fatal swelling of the membranes around the brain and spinal cord. There is no known cure.

The family was still in the process of seeking possible treatment options when the fire occurred.

Chris said they are trying to get insurance to approve treatment at Boston Children’s Hospital in Massachusetts and are reaching out to other clinics that can offer alternative treatments, like Divine Health Wellness Center in Longwood, Florida.

“Doctors are trying to find the source that is causing the cancer,” he said. “We want to try something other than chemotherapy.”

Jeniffer said they are putting their trust in God, who will guide them to the right direction.

“Looking from the outside, it really looks like a lot of horrible things are happening to us all at once. … It’s very surreal,” she said. “ We just need to keep moving forward.”

Chris said he is just glad that his family is safe.

“Worst things could of happened,” he said. “This is just a hiccup along the road.… Having my family together with me is what counts.”

Chris said it could take three months or more to repair the damages the house sustained, which they would like to go back to.

"We are being very optimistic that we will still can live in this house. I just hope people will still generous enough to donate furniture when that time comes," he said.

 People interested in helping the Wheeler family can do so by mailing gift cards to Chris Wheeler at 3480 County Highway 3280, Freeport, FL 32439 or donate at www.gofundme.com/a984d-house-fire.