Editor's Note: This column is taken from Pastor Partin's Facebook page. He is in Texas helping to rescue people. Visit his Facebook page for more.

Update:I will be posting some pics later. My phone is dead. But we went out and did rescues last night. We did three rescues. Got home around 2 a.m. It was crazy on the way home. It took us about two hours to get home because of the water.

Today was really crazy. We started out in Vidor. We rescued an elderly man and his daughter. The water started rising last night and by the time we picked them up it was chest high in their house. We then helped another family get out.

We then spent the rest of the day in Port Arthur where they had to evacuate two nursing homes. We evacuated a 91-year-old woman whose son was a local pastor. He was so thankful that we were there. His church was completely flooded. Had two others in wheel chairs, one who had no one and nothing. We put him on our boat and he had nothing but his clothes on his back. He didn't know his own name.

It was awesome to be a part of so many people who came out to rescue so many people.

Playing it by ear tomorrow. There is supposed to be more flooding as some of the reservoirs overflow or breach. so we might do some more rescues. If not, I will probably help some families with clean up and visit some churches that we have been in contact with and see what they need.

Love everyone.

Pastor Eric Partin is the lead pastor of Shoreline Church in Destin and can be reached at ericpartin@shorelinechurch.net.