Toddlers sang and played along during Cuddlers and Toddlers Storytime on Thursday at the Destin Library.

Along with their parents, small children learned songs like "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "The Animals on The Farm."

“Cuddlers and Toddlers Storytime will be held every Thursday,” said Will Rogers, the library’s youth services librarian. “We will have different themes, like on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.”

Kids got the chance to dance, act and interact with each other.

Paula Dahlstrom enjoyed watching her son Vincent Hoormamm try to get into rhythm with the other toddlers as they sang along.

“I like to take my son anywhere he can interact with other children and socialize,” she said.

Dahlstrom said she takes off work every Thursday morning and makes sure to be on time for story time at the library.

“Twelve years ago, I use to bring my daughter when she was 1 (year old) and now I’m doing it with my son,” she said. “Plus, we love Mr. Will,”

Cuddlers and Toddlers Storytime is held every Thursday at 9:30 a.m.