Following Hurricane Harvey, BE-CI, a local consulting firm with offices in Florida and Texas, informed their employees in Houston that help was on the way. A truckload of tools, cleaning supplies, baby diapers, personal items and non-perishable food was headed for the BE-CI office in Houston.

Michael Fell, BE-CI’s president, left Destin at noon Sept. 6 in a U-Haul full of donations and headed over to Houston. Upon his arrival in Houston, volunteers helped transfer the supplies from the truck to six SUVs they used to deliver all the donations to more than 40 families in the community that were selected by local Houston churches as those most in need.

“We often mention family values in our mission statement and core values describing the character of our firm," Fell said. "We are most thankful our Texas employees are safe and that now we can join hands with them as we share our values with others.”