A much needed shopping therapy session was given to Jeniffer Wheeler, whose family has been going through rough times in recent months.

Today’s Boutique Owner Kim Dettle recently offered Jeniffer a free shopping spree after she learned that her family nearly lost everything in a house fire last month and the hardship of finding treatment for her 12-year-old daughter, Kriseya, who was diagnosed with a large benign brain tumor in January 2015.

“My heart went out to her with all of the things she is going through,” Dettle said. “Shopping therapy gives her me time and we had a great time shopping together.”

Jeniffer picked out outfits that will fit for her busy lifestyle and left the boutique with a wardrobe worth roughly $1,500.

“Mothers have to be the strong ones in the family. I just hope I made her day because she made my month honestly,” Dettle said. “Despite what she is going through, she was upbeat and outgoing.

“I was glad to jump on board and help her out,” she added. “I got so much out of this special experience and hopefully she did as well.”

Jeniffer said it has been heartwarming how the community has come together to comfort and support her family.

“I have never done a shopping spree before. It was amazing,” she said. “It was a much-needed nice break to just relax.”

Jeniffer said for just a few hours she forgot about all of her problems and shopped with her kids Kriseya and Cloud.

“Just for a little while, I got to enjoy myself and do something fun,” she said.

The Wheelers are temporary living in rental home and need to empty out their former house that was significantly damaged by a fire in August. Kriseya also recently had an MRI scan to get a new biopsy.

“We are going to travel to the University of Florida and see another specialist,” Jeniffer said. “We are going to discuss the new results. Hopefully, we can find a specific treatment with the new biopsy.”

With the support of the community like Today’s Boutique, Jeniffer said she is staying confident and positive.

“There was one dress that (Kim Dettle) said I just had to have. It will be a nice dinner date dress," she said. “Hopefully, I will get a chance to wear it soon.”