Thanks to a donation from Ana Vela and friends, all the kids living at the Children in Crisis Neighborhood received a Thanksgiving cheer bag filled with goodies.

Ana reached out to her friends and encouraged them to purchase or donate the needed items for the bags. She then assembled the bags and delivered them to the at-risk children living at the CIC Neighborhood, giving them a little joy during the Thanksgiving holidays.

“Ana’s donation of Thanksgiving goodies really helped our at-risk children feel at home,” said Ken Hair, president/CEO of Children in Crisis. “This donation truly made a difference and we are very thankful.”

Children in Crisis Inc. is a 501(c)(3), non-profit charity of caring people working together to provide homes and establish hope to the abused, neglected, and abandoned children of the community. The Children’s Neighborhood is a facility built by the support of the community. To learn more about Children in Crisis, call 850-864-4242 or visit