FORT WALTON BEACH — The grand jury convened to investigate the Okaloosa County School District has concluded its work after hearing a second round of testimony.

A written report has been issued, but it will remain sealed until it is released by the court, according to a press release from State Attorney Bill Eddins.

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Jurors met the first time in mid-February to review flawed School District operations, policies and procedures that came to light following an investigation of allegations and complaints lodged against Kenwood Elementary Pre-K D teacher Marlynn Stillions.

In a report issued after that session, jurors noted being "concerned by inconsistent statements" School Superintendent Mary Beth Jackson had made regarding her knowledge of a 2016 investigative report that found evidence of a nonverbal autistic child being abused by Stillions. The report was tucked away in the district's Human Resources office and wasn't discovered until a year later by the father of the child who allegedly was abused.

Stillions and three others, including the then-superintendent of human resources have been criminally charged since the report was unearthed, Stillions for child abuse and the others for failing to report child abuse.

Following its first meeting, the grand jury declined to recommend criminal charges against Jackson, but in its report did request the State Attorney’s Office to continue to investigate her "to determine if sufficient evidence exists for the filing of criminal charges."