HALL: EASTER EGGS THE EASY WAY: A journey to a Dorcas farm where the Flutternutters roam

Easter Eggs

Light green eggs straight from the Ameraucana!

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Published: Friday, March 29, 2013 at 05:42 PM.

Sometimes an idea for an article falls right in front of you. I ask myself, “How anyone can resist, this close to Easter-egg time, an article about green eggs?” Not me. I was attending the Niceville Farmers Market, which is open every first Saturday of the month at 120 Partin Drive, and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Natural green eggs by the dozens.

I was fascinated to find they really are popped out from your ordinary Ameraucana chicken — already a soft light green, light blue or even pink sometimes. I naturally sought out the source, which as it turned out wasn’t all that far from Destin.

After seeing these colorful eggs, I call Jennifer Bearden, our extension agent with Okaloosa County, and asked permission to visit her farm in the Dorcas community outside of Crestview. I thought we all might want to see one of these Ameraucanas to verify they really do exist; I don’t want to lead my readers on a galloping unicorn chase.

After Lori Burkhart, of Destin, and I travel many wooded miles, we see the white barn markers Jennifer gave us and yes, the horses in the pasture. Pulling up to the closed gate, we were greeted by free roaming horses. Lori jumps out to open the entrance gate to get us in. Tebo, a light buckskin pony, takes an immediate liking to Lori and follows us all over the farm.

Jennifer has free roaming Ameraucanas with a fenced coop to provide safety. I was instantly mesmerized by the beautiful markings of the birds’ feathers, which can be black to wheaten blue, silver and even white. I whip out my camera to get a few easy, interesting shots. Boy oh boy, what a frantic, free ranging, back and forth photo effort this turns out to be.

I once heard someone refer to chickens as flutternutters! Now I know why.

The chickens move so fast and turn so quick, Lori and I are both laughing like banshees. I have pictures of Lori’s feet, the rear end of the chicken, chicken with no head and blurred shots of chickens racing by. Finally I get so frustrated, I tell Jennifer to catch one of those little boogers and hold her in a “hammerlock” so I can get a picture. Thank God for digital cameras.

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