RON HART: The VP debate debased

Ron Hart

Ron Hart

Published: Friday, October 12, 2012 at 01:09 PM.

Eager to make amends for his boss’ debate debacle in Denver, Joe Biden left nothing to chance. He got to Kentucky early so he could adjust to the altitude. He took seven days off to study and practice for the debate, raising the question: Time off from what?

The first presidential debate concluded with a tectonic shift, the “Mile High Meltdown” of Obama. Exposing his total lack of self-awareness, the smirking Obama actually thought he had won the debate that night. The shifting ground beneath his feet had his handlers and apologists in the mainstream media blaming anything they could.

Vice President Al Gore, himself the 2000 debate "Sigh Young" winner, blamed Denver's altitude. In reality, it was the latitude the soft media have given Obama that caused him to be outmatched.

The presidential debate was earth-shaking, but if the geo-scientific community petitioned to name a tectonic plate after him, Obama would say it would never, ever be his fault.

On Thursday, Biden set out to defend the indefensible: Obama's record. You know you are in trouble in the polls when you have to rely on Joe Biden to bail you out.

Paul Ryan, age 42, was only three years old in 1972 when Joe Biden was elected to Congress. Thursday's debate looked to be a Lloyd-Bentsen-like elder statesman versus a still-wet-behind-the-ears Dan Quayle clone. Biden intended to make Paul Ryan look like Dan Quayle. Paul Ryan's simple strategy was to make Joe Biden look like Joe Biden — and he succeeded.

Biden rolled his eyes, hissed, whined and awkwardly grinned the whole time. My college-age daughter, Hollis, texted me during the debate: “Biden looks like an 8th grader who had been put in a time-out chair without his ADD meds.”

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