Re: Letter, March 16, "Dear Destin jogger"

The driver in this case admits that he had poor visibility, yet upon almost running over a jogger on a sidewalk, he has the temerity to blame the victim! Some clarification: The jogger did not "appear out of nowhere," as if he were some sort of magician. The jogger was there all along — you just failed to see him.

The driver says that "in most circumstances joggers have the right of way." In this case the jogger was on a sidewalk (exactly where he should have been), so he ALWAYS has the right of way. And you wonder why the jogger was angry when you almost ran him over? I'd be angry, too, if I was on a sidewalk and a vision-impaired careless driver almost ran me over with a multi-ton vehicle.

The driver suggests that joggers relocate to Airport Road or Mountain Road. Maybe the driver should consider using those roads instead, since he's the guilty and dangerous party. While he's at it, he should learn to look both ways before turning left so that joggers going 3 mph don't suddenly "appear out of nowhere."

— Michael Fitzsimmons, Niceville

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