• Destin snowbirds begin migrating north

    Destin snowbirds begin the migration process this week as some return to their northern homes.  Brave ones will stay a week or two later, trying to catch a glimpse of the sun and grab a ... READ MORE

  • AT THE ROOST: March 7

    Our snowbird friends have closed The Roost, packed their belongings and will soon be heading home. We hope you had the best time ever here on the coast, and we look forward to your return in th... READ MORE

  • Snowbird Sillies: Thanks and goodbye

    Everything was ribbitty-frip or tickety-boo with our stay along the Emerald Coast this past winter. The following is a melange of experiences and observations of 2015. It was rather strange see... READ MORE

  • Snowbirds ask: Is it over already?

    As snowbirds begin to set out for home (for some, this is the wrong weekend to do that) the question often asked is: “Is it over already?” While reflecting about the past few months, it has gone ... READ MORE

  • AT THE ROOST Feb. 28

    Next week will be the last chance to see At the Roost for this year.

    Send in your photos or thoughts on the season gone by to


  • Spring breakers arrive ….. senior breakers depart

    Did you notice the schedule of spring break arrivals in one of the papers last week? It seems to be happening earlier and earlier each year, but spring breakers will arrive in Destin beginning ... READ MORE

  • AT THE ROOST Feb. 21

    Snowbirds will soon depart, and spring breakers will then arrive.

    Snowbirds, send us your favorite photos from your time here. Email


  • Snowbird Sillies: About old age

    There are so many definitions of old age. Are these of any worth? Don’t worry, old age is 15 years older than we are. You’re getting old when you don’t care where your wife is going,  ju... READ MORE

  • Are you having fun yet?

    Hopefully, you are having fun doing all the activities you said you were going to do when you got to the Emerald Coast. Let’s see … what were all of those promises? Get exercise every day (...


  • Snowbird Sillies: Punny newspaper sillies


    There is a lot of punny stuff in many newspapers throughout the U.S. and Canada. In one paper they had a PUN contest and I submitted 10 puns that I hoped would win the contest. ...



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