• ‘Snowbirdness’… What is it and what does it mean?

    As Destin snowbirds return to The Roost for the winter, we once again wonder “what is it the snowbirds do while they are here on the Emerald Coast for the winter?” I know my own children have ... READ MORE

  • Snowbird Sillies: It’s celebrity sillies time

    Would you believe some celebrity said these things? They are worth a chuckle. “Buy thermometers in the wintertime. They’re lower then!” — Soupy Sales “Don’t go to bed angry. Stay up and fig... READ MORE

  • Destin Snowbirds fly back to (the) Roost

    The first group of snowbirds have returned and registered for the Destin Snowbird Club. Snowbirds officially opened The Roost at the Destin Community Center on Tuesday, signaling the beginning of... READ MORE

  • Messsage from President: Festive time on the Emerald Coast

    It is beginning to look, and feel, like the holidays here on the Emerald Coast, and with the arrival of the season, here come the snowbirds! Last week the Destin Snowbirds opened the 2014-15 ... READ MORE

  • Snowbird Sillies

    Greetings and salutations. Another two months of chuckles, groans and laughter. Those who laugh last, miss the joke. Laugh and the world laughs with you. Snore and you sleep alone. Just... READ MORE

  • AT THE ROOST Nov. 22

    The snowbirds have returned to their Roost. Our winter visitors are a large part of the community, and they participate in the local events, attend church, and shop and dine while here. If you... READ MORE

  • Destin Snowbirds celebrate spring

    Yes, snowbirds, spring has made its presence known here on the Emerald Coast. We learned a new meteorological term this past winter, as the Polar Vortex made its presence felt even here in our ... READ MORE

  • Back to the frozen north for Destin snowbirds

    As the 2013-14 snowbird season winds down, plans are already being made for the next season which, in reality, is only eight months away. Events are being planned and details are being shared for... READ MORE

  • Snowbirds begin to pack up

    Snowbirds who volunteer their time, efforts and talents to the Destin Snowbird Club were honored at a gathering Feb. 24 at the Crab Island Cantina. Members who served their organization for the ... READ MORE

  • Snowbirds donate to Soundsations

    Destin Snowbird Club President George Olson presented Joe Taylor, Soundsations Choir director, a check for $7,800 for the NWFSC Music Department and the choir for scholarships.  The Destin... READ MORE


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