Todd Preston cranked two out of the park to lead Xtreme in a 26-10 win over World Famous Crab Island in the Men’s Recreational Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Preston clobbered two homers and a single for four RBIs.

In the first inning, Xtreme batted through the line-up twice and scored 18 runs. In the second they put seven more runs on the board for a 25-1 lead.

In the top of the third, Crab Island scored three and then picked up four more in the fourth for a 25-8 game.

Xtreme added one last run in the fourth and Crab Island finished with two in the fifth.

Brandon Patzig hit two doubles and a single for three RBIs for Xtreme and Jamie DiBenedetto doubled and hit two singles for two RBIs. Others smacking home runs were Brian Martinez, Josh Snyder and Austin Jessup.

Quinn Crozier homered and singled for two RBIs for Crab Island. Tyler Boyer doubled and hit two singles for three RBIs, and Joe Agostinelli doubled and singled for three RBIs.


Busch Leaguers 26, Craft Bar 9

In the first two innings, Busch Leaguers jumped out to a 22-5 lead, putting 13 runs on the board in the first. By the end of five, the game was over.

Jake Smalls connected for two triples and two doubles for four RBIs for Busch Leaguers. Tate DeShong hit two triples and two singles for four RBIs, while Corey Hutchinson doubled and hit three singles for two RBIs.

Jeremy Bullock hit three singles for Craft Bar, while Mitch Clabeaux and Pedro Gonzalez each singled.


World Famous Crab Island 28, Craft Bar 15

The first couple of innings were close with Crab Island on top 9-7 at the end of two. In the top of the fourth, Crab Island began to pull away with six runs and then one more in the fifth. In the last two innings, Crab Island put the game away with six in the sixth and seven in the seventh.

Joseph Pike was the big stick for Crab Island with two homers and two singles for five RBIs. Rueben Holt hit two singles and two doubles for three RBIs.

Mitch Clabeaux doubled and hit three singles to lead Craft Bar. Joe Livingston hit four singles for two RBIs, and Eric Hergis four singles for three RBIs.


Busch Leaguers 30, Extra Krispy 9

Busch Leaguers scored five in the first and then exploded for 13 in the second. The game was over in five.

Jake Smalls belted a home run, double and two singles for four RBIs for Busch. Kyle Ealy homered and hit three singles for four RBIs, and Corey Griffith connected for three singles for four RBIs.

Chad Teague homered and hit two singles for three RBIs for Krispy. William Eads slapped a home run and a single for two RBIs, and Joey Binaco doubled and hit two singles.