With amberjack, triggerfish and red snapper closed, mackerel and mingo has become the mainstay along the docks.

They are the “chief support” or the “stay that secures” that anglers have a fish to hang on the nails right now.

And the mingo weren’t just your average mingo on Monday. Some of the mingo, also known as vermillion snapper, could be classified as “mighty mingo,” weighing a couple of pounds each. Plus the good thing about mingo is anglers can keep 10 each and they are pretty tasty on the dinner plate.

Anyhow, Capt. Brian Kelley on the Screamn Drag and his customers from Pittsburgh pulled in some of those “mighty mingo” along with a king mackerel or two.

Texas anglers on the Phoenix with Capt. Scott Robson had plenty of support on the nails with a big mingo, king mackerel, a couple of lane snapper and some white snapper as well.

Anglers fishing aboard the Gentle Winds with Capt. Bud Miller filled several stringers with mingo and white snapper.

Nashville and North Carolina anglers on the Anastasia with Capt. Tony Davis brought in plenty of the mingo, a few lane snapper and one blackfin tuna.

Oklahoma and Texas anglers on the Twilight with Capt. Robert Hill backed in Monday with a king mackerel to go along with their big catch of big mingo.

Capt. Steve Haeusler aboard the First Light with his group from Texas cleaned up on the mingo and white snapper. They also had a couple of Key West porgy on the board. As for the white snapper, they were almost as big as the mingo.

Texas anglers on the Rewind with Capt. Reid Phillips came in with a few mingo, white snapper and a scamp.

Louisiana anglers on the Full Draw with Capt. Brantley Galloway came in with king mackerel and Spanish mackerel.

Missouri and Illinois anglers fishing with Capt. Taylor Bankston at Destin Inshore Fishing had a big time reeling in king mackerel and Spanish mackerel. They also snagged a mahi mahi.

Capt. Kris Dew with Destin Inshore Fishing and his group landed three king mackerel while trolling.

Anglers fishing aboard the Un Reel with Capt. Justin Destin brought in a good mix, including the mainstay mingo. They had king mackerel, white snapper, lane snapper, Key West porgy and many of the mingo.

Texas anglers on the Vengeance with Capt. Kirk Reynolds reeled in mingo, rock salmon and a bonito.

Kentucky and Texas anglers on the Blue Runner II with Capt. Tommy Carter put mingo, white snapper and a couple of bonito on the boards. Word is they lost a cobia.

Monday was a pretty good day along the docks with our local charters bringing in plenty of the “chief support” fish of mingo and mackerel.

See you on the docks.