Josh Snyder knocked in four runs to lead Tay Gray Unleashed in a 17-4 win over Island Wings in the Coed Division I Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin Wednesday night.

Snyder blasted two home runs and a single for the four RBIs.

The first few innings were close with Tay Gray leading 8-4 at the end of three innings.

In the fourth inning, Tay Gray put the game away scoring nine runs and then holding Island Wings scoreless in the top of the fifth.

Michael Haynes belted a home run, double and a single for three RBIs for Tay Gray and Amber Destaven hit two doubles. Austin Jessup clobbered two-run homer and Kurt Haynes a solo shot out of the park.

Chris Rubino led Island Wings with three singles. Anna Cordova hit two singles for an RBI, and Dave Bazylak slapped a home run and a single for two RBIs.


Free Agents 29, Emerald Coast Chiropractic 17

At the end of two innings, Free Agents led 8-6. The turning point in the game came in the third inning. Free Agents scored the 10-run limit and then held Chiropractic to one run in the bottom. Free Agents had another big turn at bat in the top of the fifth scoring nine runs.

Travis Carroll was tops for Free Agents with two homers and a single for five RBIs. Jordan Brewer cranked out a home run and two doubles for three RBIs, and Jobina Johnson doubled and singled for four RBIs. Tiny Lee also smacked one over the centerfield fence for an RBI.

Geoff Brower connected for a home run, two doubles and a single for four RBIs for Chiropractic. Shawn Woods hit three doubles, Beth Henry tripled and hit two singles, and Don Edwards cracked out a home run.


Unknowns 23, Stanley Security 11

After two innings, Unknowns were on top 10-9. Unknowns finished strong with six runs in the fourth and seven in the sixth.

Millie Santiago led Unknowns with a triple, double and a single for three RBIs. Michael Robins hit two doubles and a single, and Missy Wellborn doubled and hit two singles for three RBIs.

Blaine Watkins hit three doubles for an RBI for Stanley. Nikki Webb hit three singles for four RBIs, and Jane Puroy doubled and hit two singles for an RBI.


Heritage Tree Service 30, Nike 16

Heritage dominated the game, scoring the 10-run limit in each of the first three innings.

Chris Moore led Heritage with two home runs and a double for eight RBIs. Donnie Montry doubled and hit three singles, Beverly Hollis hit three singles for an RBI, Justin Nowleg hit an inside the park home run, a triple and a single for three RBIs; and Brad Desgranges cranked out two homer runs.

Michael Martini tripled and doubled for three RBIs for Nike, and Rae Richardson hit three singles.