With fog rolling in the last few days, it hasn’t slowed down the fishermen.

As a matter of fact, on Wednesday a few of the party boats ventured out and brought back some mighty fine catches.

Capt. John Gibson of the Gulf Breeze took a group out for a six-hour trip and hauled in several mingo, white snapper and amberine.

“It was a pretty day … the wind wasn’t blowing,” Capt. Gibson said.

Last week, not only was it freezing outside, but it was windy as well.

On Wednesday, it was just about right with the temperature in the 60s.

Capt. Nick Price and his group aboard the party boat Swoop brought in some nice amberjack along with several mingo, triggerfish and white snapper.

And yes, anglers can catch amberjack along with triggerfish, at least for a few more days.

The recreational harvest of triggerfish opened on Jan. 1 and will close on Jan. 16, and will reopen on March 1.

As for the amberjack, it also opened on Jan. 1 but will shut down on Jan. 27. Regulators are looking at a possible spring and fall season for the amberjack. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

In the meantime, anglers are taking advantage of the warmer temps and fish openings.

The Destiny with Capt. Dennis Kendricks at the helm took about 25 folks out on Wednesday.

“It was beautiful out, nice and calm,” Kendricks said, in spite of the fog.

Fishing about 20 miles out on the six-hour trip his anglers pulled in triggerfish, mingo, white snapper, lane snapper and broke off a few amberjack.

Winter regular Doug Haskell was one of those that broke off an amberjack. As soon as he got off the boat he was showing some of his buddies where his line broke off.

Although he lost the ’Jack, he did manage to reel in mingo, Key West porgy and white snapper.

Destiny regular Mary was proud of her triggerfish.

“I caught my first two triggers on the first stop,” she said.

The triggerfish on the Destiny were pretty good size, with no need to measure.

Triggerfish have to be 14 inches to keep and anglers can keep two per person — for now.

When the season opens back up on March 1, the size limit goes to 15 inches and the count per person drops down to one. But on a positive — anglers get to keep a triggerfish, which is more than they were able to do last year.

Fishing is good and there are a few days left on triggerfish and a couple of weeks left on amberjack. But even when they close, there are still plenty of other fish to haul in like mingo, white snapper, lane snapper, scamp and more.

See you at the docks.