Changes are coming to the city's sign-scape.

"I think we have hit a compromise we can all live with," Councilman Jim Bagby told his colleagues during a recent City Council meeting.

Over the past few months, city leaders have been looking at adjusting the city's current regulations as it relates to the number of ground signs a business could have based on their street frontage. In the past, some city leaders have targeted excessive signage as “visual clutter.”

With a unanimous vote by the council, the new code would allow businesses to have one ground sign, not to exceed 160-square feet, for every 350-feet of street frontage they had.

Under the old regulations, businesses with more than 500-feet of frontage were limited to no more than two ground signs, which Bagby said was "unfair."

And while city leaders and some property owners were pleased with the compromise, they admitted that there is still more work to do when it comes to the city's current sign code, which was called "flawed."

"Somewhere down the road there has to be some time to look at this," Legendary Inc. CEO Peter Bos recently told city leaders.