After providing countless theatrical and educational programs to the community throughout it's nearly two decades of service, The Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation is undergoing a makeover for its 18th birthday.

"She's growing up," joked MKAF Executive Director Marcia Hull.

Formed in 1995 and known for supporting local, regional and international artists while also strongly focusing on educational programs, MKAF has partnered with dozens of other organizations over the years. Some of those partnerships include: the Emerald Coast Theatre Company, All Kinds of Art and the George Rodrique Foundation for the Arts.

At a meeting birthday party for MKAF held Feb. 28, Hull and Tracy Louthain of Tracy Louthain Communications (TLC), unveiled some of the changes being made to the foundation.

The most notable change on the horizon for MKAF is a fresh, new logo. "It's new and it's mature," said Louthain of the revamped logo.

MKAF will also soon have a venue for signature events in the area -- right next to their offices located on Commons Drive, next to Grace Lutheran Church.

Thanks to a sizeable, seven-figure donation last year from the Dugas Family Foundation, work on The Mattie Kelly Cultural Arts Village has progressed quickly and should be complete at the end of April.

Once complete, The Mattie Kelly Cultural Arts Village amphitheater will have seating for up to 5,000 audience members and it will be the home of MKAF's most popular events the Festival of the Arts, Oct. 26 to 27 and Concerts in the Village, May 2 to July 3.

After the meeting, while Hull fielded questions and listened to comments from the audience, Destin's Mayor Sam Seevers raised her hand to speak.

Tearing up, she thanked everyone involved with The Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation. "I'm so proud of you guys, this is a game changer," said Seevers. "You have all worked so hard, for so many years . . . and I can't wait to see it."

For more information on The Mattie Kelly Arts Foundation visit or call 650-2226.