The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrested a sixth person last night in connection with the Jan. 27 kidnapping of a 23-year old Niceville woman.

Thomas Samuel Bright, 30, of  Crestview is now charged with one count of kidnapping to inflict bodily harm or terrorize.

Others facing charges in connection with the kidnapping are 22-year-old Brittany Plitt, 23-year-old Heather Sutton, Bertina Krider and Shannon Yeary, all of Fort Walton Beach,
as well as 28-year-old Chase Stewart of Destin.

During the course of the kidnapping, victim Bethany Stanley says she was driven around different areas of Okaloosa County. She says she was bound, beaten, burned with
cigarettes, choked, had a rag placed in her mouth while water was poured over her face, and told she would be killed and dumped on the side of the road.

Deputies were able to track down Plitt’s truck and rescued Stanley Jan.28 from Stewart’s home on Calhoun Drive in Destin.

Stanley also says during the kidnapping, she had been taken to a home in north Okaloosa County where a man ran a saw by her face, terrorizing her. Investigators were
able to develop Bright as a suspect.

Bright’s live-in girlfriend, Kim Fowler, told the OCSO that she was home with Bright on the night of the kidnapping when Sutton and another girl she knew as Sutton’s girlfriend arrived in a white pick-up truck at their home on Butler Circle. She says they brought in a white female who was bound and had a pillowcase over her head.

Fowler says she left.

Investigators have charged Bright with kidnapping based on the fact that he knew the victim was being held against her will and was being tortured during this time, and that
he allowed them to keep her at the home while they continued to terrorize her.