A farmer's market is on its way to Main Street.

"There are a lot of people in Destin who have been asking for it," said Tom Holt, who will be the proprietor/operator of the farmer's market. "The bottom line is that there is a huge demand for organic products and fresh produce."

Talks of a farmer's market in Destin have been floating around for quite some time but plans never really took off, due to a variety of issues such as location and a lack of funding. Talks picked up again in November, and planners haven't looked back since.

As the assistant general manager of Destin Water Users, Lockwood Wernet told The Log that the water company was more than happy to help Holt and the farmer's market find a home.

"What I was seeing was someone who was interested in doing this, so we looked at what we could offer," said Wernet, who also serves as vice chairman of the city's Town Center Community Redevelopment Advisory Committee. "We saw an opportunity to generate some traffic on Main Street, which would help the CRA, as well as benefit the businesses."

The market, which is expected to feature roughly 20 booths on the weekends, will be situated on DWU property on Main Street and will have plenty of parking available for shoppers.

And Wernet told city leaders during Monday night's Community Redevelopment Agency Board Meeting that there was plenty of support for the project.

A couple of the business owners in the Town Center CRA petitioned businesses and people visiting businesses in the CRA, he said. They have more than 900 petitions showing support."

I think its a great idea, Councilman Jim Foreman said. It fits.

Holt, who has been selling homemade breads through his wife's company Made By Amy at the Seaside Farmer's Market for the past three years, told The Log that the farmer's market would feature a variety of fresh produce, foods, arts and crafts, as well as organic eggs, chickens and other meats down the road. He said the market would also feature fresh dairy products from Ocheesee Creamery, a third-generation farm in Calhoun County.

"We want to have different ethnic foods for people to try," he said.

With a proposed opening of April 1, there is still some legal work to take care of, but if all goes according to plan, Holt said he is ready to go.

"It's not only a farmer's market," he said. "What happens is that it turns into a meeting place for the community."