What is being called the busiest week of spring break begins now! Students from Florida State University, Auburn University, University of Texas, University of Georgia and The University of Mississippi will be among those hitting area beaches this week. Here is what some of our college visitors are tweeting about Destin.


Nathan Williams: Things between me and a Destin balcony: precalc test; 32 hours; two work shifts; a biology quiz; and a bag to pack. I hope it's here soon!

Ally Rice: It's spring break y'all! No thinkin just drinkin!  #SpringBreak2013 #destin

Mercy: I feel like everyone and their mommas are hittin up Destin this springbreak; umm no thanks!

Brennan Blakeney: Destin police are supposed to be having a 50 foot long bus and cops patrolling the beach on four-wheelers and jet skis. Let the party rock! SB

Carolyn Wynne: Packing for Destin is hard because you have to pack clothes for warm and cold weather

Mollie Stacey: Room is booked! This snow is pretty but makes me even more ready for Destin!

Rachel Taylor:  FREEDOM. Only thing on my mind now is Destin with my sisters #springbreak

Katie Abram: "Though the road may be long and the destination unknown, with mysisters beside me I'm never alone" #destin

Molly Young: It's only 59 degrees in destin right now... It better get hotter in the next two weeks or spring break shall be freezing on the beach.