Jumping beans, leaping lizards and now JumpinGoat… coffee that is.  A fresh day of brewing has begun in Destin.

Somewhere out there in the distant past, one perfectly sober someone noticed that their goats were frolicking, jumping and bumping around with great enthusiasm and glee.  What ever could be causing this exhilaration and how can we humans lay claim to it?  Ah, an inquiring mind wanted to know.  After much detective work, someone found that when the goats ate the coffee cherry (red coffee bean) from the tree, the caffeine made the goats become very active and jump around like a room full of merrymaking court jesters.

Now that you have gained such valuable insight into the name, JumpinGoat, let’s bring ourselves to the serious new business jumping into Destin’s gourmet coffee scene.

I talked with Charlie Britt, of Destin, the owner of JumpinGoat Coffee of the Emerald Coast. You can connect with him at charlie@jumpingoatcoffeeroasters.com.

The hub of all coffee activity is located at 505 Mountain Drive, Unit M. Charlie says, “I want to have people enjoy coffee on a different level. I want coffee drinkers to say, this is the best cup of coffee they ever had.”  He says several things are important: “The type of coffee bean chosen, how you roast it, how you grind it, how you brew it (press, drip, or percolate) and the type of water you use. No tap water allowed.” 

I was assured that he welcomes all who want to come in and look over the roasting facilities and perhaps even conjure up their own special blend. 

Charlie makes up a Special Signature Blend of a smooth, full-bodied roast with a blend of expertly chosen beans. I asked him to share that blended information.  “I will be happy to share that secret with you but then I’d have to kill you!” 

I said, “Thank you, let’s move on.” 

The shop offers the choice of 15 single coffee origins, 14 flavored varieties and a bewildering choice of blended coffees.  With warm enthusiasm, Charlie states, “You want it different; I love to create with your own personal choices. One of our secrets is our on-site Renegade Roaster.  You want it fresh? You got it.”

In addition to offering coffee,Charlie also offers 30 years of knowledge in fund raising; so, naturally that is part of what is offered to the public.  There is an extensive choice for ordering their products from their already designed website. No more door to door selling as they can attach to your website. Check it out at JumpinGoatCoffeeRoasters.com

JumpinGoat provides a choice of teas and cocoas, gift baskets, a coffee club with once a month shipments around the country, wholesale, retail, special blends and one heck of a great cup of coffee.

How does this sound to you? Southern Pecan, Chocolate Mint, Triple Pleasure (blend of chocolate, hazelnut and caramel) and Pumpkin Spice. I croon, “One of each, please.” 

Uh oh, here’s the kicker that makes you want to jump right in to an expanded world of coffee pleasure. To enhance your coffee with delicious flavors, simply add a few teaspoons of concentrated flavors to your coffee.  These come in 2 ounce jars, enough to flavor 2 pounds of coffee.  Just think about jumpstarting a morning with Black Forest Cake (no calories), Caramel Delight, Cinnamon, Creamy Chocolate, Ivory Snow (blended with a hint of coconut) or Red Raspberry.  Fan me, I’m about to faint.

Want something more exotic in your coffee choice? How about Brazilian Yellow Bourbon, Colombian Supremo, and Guatemalan Rio Azul? For African coffee, try Ethiopian Sidamo or Tanzanian Washed Arabic Peaberry.  These bright red Peaberries must be the notorious culprit responsible for changing the calmly munching goat herd into the rock climbing, somersaulting, daredevils!

What a great addition to our community.   See you on Mountain Drive. 

Laura Hall is a longtime gardener and Destin resident. She explores area gardens and other local topics with her cavalier spaniel Annie. If you would like to show off your garden or be profiled in a future column, contact Laura at hall-destin@cox.net.