Matt's Take:

Raise your hand if you've lost your temper before. OK, good, now that you all have your hands in the air we can stop overreacting and cut Tom Crean some slack.

Basketball is an intense sport where emotions can easily spill from the court to the sideline. If you don't believe me, do a quick YouTube search of Bob Knight.

After battling the University of Michigan on the court and squeaking out a last minute 72-71 win, Indiana University Head Coach Tom Crean channeled his inner Knight and went bananas on Wolverines assistant coach Jeff Meyer.

Given our 24-hour news cycle and social media dependency, Crean has been the hot topic on Twitter after his Sunday tirade. The coach has been called everything from a "circus clown" and "classless" to a "weenie" and a "brat."

Crean even admitted after the game that he lost his cool, saying "It's a heated game, it's a heated game. Ask him." Even after calling Meyer to apologize for the outburst, Crean continues to catch flak.

To me, this story is being blown out of proportion. Let's get one thing straight, whether you love him or hate him, Crean is no bully.

The fact that Crean was caught on camera accusing Meyer of "ruining" the Indiana program is unfortunate, but let's not vilify the man for saying what he felt. Yes, a behind the scenes conversation with Meyer would have been more appropriate, but as we all know, these types of explosions make for good TV ratings.

At least Crean didn't choke a player or throw a chair. Too bad Twitter wasn't around in Knight's glory days of coaching — he would have been trending in minutes, if not seconds.

So please, step away from your keyboards and smart phones folks.

Forgive and forget.


Andrew’s take:

John and Jim Harbaugh need to take Tom Crean out behind the Wisconsin family estate, and beat some sense into him. But I’m not sure that a tag team butt kicking from the Super Bowl XLVII head coaches could even set the Indiana head coach down a path to reality.

After Sunday’s win in Ann Arbor, Mich., Crean sought out Michigan assistant coach Jeff Meyer. Crean kept repeating, “You know what you did,” and “You helped wreck our program,” referring to the years that Meyer spent in Bloomington, Ind., working under Kelvin Sampson, which lead to NCAA sanctions that immediately dropped the Hoosiers to the bottom of the Big Ten barrel.

Then he turned and walked away, with one of the sleaziest smiles I’ve ever seen. Seriously, look it up.

Crean’s success as a collegiate basketball coach has been completely dependant on his abilities as a public relations practitioner.

He talks a big game. That’s how he lands big recruits and off-season television gigs, which have led to a big contract with a college basketball powerhouse.

So, if Crean’s career is completely dependant on public perception, why would he let himself look like such a punk in front of the whole country?

Because he’s delusional. Tom Crean acted so distastefully because he literally believes that he can do no wrong.

But in less than a month, he will do wrong. The Indiana Hoosiers have a legitimate claim as the top team in the nation, but they will not win the national championship.

They are the most talented squad in the collegiate game, but that’s not enough. You need a coach who knows how to use that talent in the clutch.

Unfortunately, most of the country has been drinking the Crean Kool-aid for years. But this is the beginning of the end.