Recently The Log asked its more than 6,000 Facebook fans to fill in the blank: You can tell itís the first big spring break weekend in Destin when _______________________. Here were some of the replies.


Jared Lee Waites: It takes an hour to go over the island, hah

John S. Williams: You drive down Old 98 right as it starts raining to see the girls run from the beach? haha

Heath Ray: When you guys start talking about it.

Mary Kay O'Neil Riggs: When the hot tubs are full of beer guzzling kids!

Keith Ousterhout: When the Waffle House has tables full of young people in swimsuits on covered up by shorts and t-shirts and are wearing flops even though the temps are below 60 degrees. Gotta love them.

Scott Jackson: No matter your net worth  ó you can't "buy" a left turn on Hwy 98.

Gail Barkley: When maid service calls in sick.

Pat Brantley: When the crop duster planes start flying banners.

John Majeska: Co-eds pushing shopping carts full of booze through Publix and making me feel really old!

Mike Martin: Sirens sound hourly.

Andy Durand: When you continue to yell at traffic long after you have arrived at home while waving angry gestures at the front window.

Kim Monge: When you hear the sound of the season... the horns on mopeds

Dan Hamrick: The restaurants and bars are full!

Misti Hilton Hilyer: Standing in line everywhere!

Kristi Ginger: When it takes you 30 minutes to go 4 miles on 98 and you are surrounded by college kids in cars in their bathing suits when the temp is 62!

Michael Kinkopf: when Little League starts up.

Stefanie Weber O'Dell: Parking at grocery store is near impossible and the movies at night are packed

Marika Bardos-Laureles: Idiots drive on the back roads lost at 5 mph and those same idiots are at the beach.

Ryan Boswell: When it takes an extra 20 minutes to get home from work.

Delaine Syster: You hear howling from the beach a half mile away.

A.C. Gardo: Beer sales are greater than food.

John R Sidor: When Hwy. 20 through Niceville and Bluewater Bay is packed with out of state plate traffic and there are 4-plus cars in each toll lane getting on the Mid-Bay Bridge. Oh, and laughing at the number of out-of-staters turning around in the cul-de-sac to the west of the toll plaza because they followed their GPS and went down White Point Road instead of following signs to the new connector.

ERA American Realty: You're at Destin Commons for several hours on a Saturday and don't run in to anyone you know!