A day for celebration, thank you, and good-bye as the Destin Snowbird Club, with President Timi Millar at the helm for the last time, held the final meeting of the year, Tuesday, March 12. Entertainment featured a new act, comedian Joseph Coutain, and return visit by piper Bob Horner. President Timi reported on the highlights of the action packed season. Although club membership was down over the past year, participation at special events and fund raising for snowbird charities were substantial. Donations to both the Northwest Florida State Collage and the American Cancer Society were at all time highs. Congratulations Destin Snowbirds!

Special recognition was extended to Lisa Firth and all the staff at the Community Center for their support of the club during the winter season. Following the last meeting, all the snowbird signs and supplies were packed away in the storage locker until next November. Items may be placed in the locker for summer storage for the final time from 8-9 a.m. Saturday, March 23. A reminder for all the “early” birds, the storage locker will reopen Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013.

The year end financial report, prepared by treasurer Ken Lemire, was delivered by incoming president George Olson. Membership fee revenue of $15,420 was not equal to the expenditures of the club this year; however, due to the monies raised by special events such as the annual Mixer Party and the TGIT events the membership fees will remain at $8 for the next season.

On this year's outgoing executive committee a record number of members were awarded life membership in the Destin Snowbird Club. This honor is bestowed upon presidents and spouses who have served the club for three years. Other positions on the board are awarded life membership after four years of service. This year recognition goes to Timi and Tom Millar, Secretary Gail Carson and Bob, Webmaster Gene Holzer and Sandy and Treasurer Ken Lemire and Evelyn. These eight people will join the 24 other life members who remain active in the club.

George also was pleased to announce the nomination of Gail Carson to remain as secretary for the 2013-14 season. She and all the board members and their spouses took the stage as the club seal was passed from Timi to George.

The meeting closed as usual with the awarding of 80 door prizes, the last of the more than 2,200 prizes collected by the prize committee this season. Chairman Paul Hewitt, along with committee members Nancy Hewitt, Pam and Dave Chandler, Linda and John Testa, Marion and Mike Hoyles and Sigrid and Arnie Aschelman, would like to thank each and every one of the 238 contributors for their sponsorship.

In closing, I would like to thank the many club members who have given me encouragement these past two seasons while serving as publicity director. Look for the inaugural article by Sigrid prior to Nov. 18 in the Northwest Florida Daily News, The Destin Log and on the club website www.destinsnowbirds.org.

 Remember to check the website frequently prior to your arrival for information concerning all club activities and events for the new season.

Nancy Hewitt, outgoing publicity director, can be reached at pnatthebeach@gmail.com.