Power Up Watersports, The Legendary Shots and RootBerry were the high-flying trio responsible for the circus-like antics going on-and-up Monday morning at Crab Island.

Ben and Amber Merrell, owners of Power Up Watersports in Destin, say they were the first to bring the slightly unusual water-toy, the Flyboard, to the United States last summer.

Offering tours from Crab Island, Amber jokingly said the best way to describe the Flyboard in action is, "a jet-skiing Ironman."

Powered by a hose connected to the jet-ski, the Flyboard allows the person to fly 30 to 40 feet into the air. Amber and Ben told The Log that although Flyboarding is new — and it may look a little strange from a distance — it’s safe and extremely exciting.

"Ben is a professional — he is very safe," said Amber of her husband who operates the jet-ski.

Joining the Power Up Watersports team on Monday morning, The Legendary Shots crew attempted to sink another one of their awe-inspiring basketball shots while donning the aqua-gear.

Due to Monday's windy conditions, high school senior Christian Lill and John Massey, both of Legendary Shots, started off shaky. As the morning drew on, more curious onlookers driving across the Marler Bridge stopped to watch The Legendary Shots and Power Up Watersports attempt to swish the ball through the net. While The Log was on the scene, their were at least twenty shots, but no scores. See Log Photographer Kathy Harrison's video of the action, click here.

"Right before noon," said Ben. "The guys made the shot."

Adding Flyboarding to their repertoire, The Legendary Shots, is an Alabama-based group that has been making basketball trick shots from seemingly impossible locations since 2006.

Some of their most viewed shots have been made from rollercoasters, hot air balloons, waterslides and zip lines. The Legendary Shots have been featured on national television commercials for Hampton Inn and Flip Video. They have also been featured on ESPN several times.

Next up on the Flyboard were Bill Berry and Jonathan Root — the entertaining-duo of RootBerry.com. Both Root and Berry said they had tried Flyboarding in the past, but neither of them have juggled while atop the board.

Juggling three, four and even five clubs, Berry balanced himself perfectly while on the flyboard.

"It's funny," said Berry. "But, juggling is actually much easier on the water; it's much more stable."

While Berry became a master juggler on the board, he wasn’t willing to try to hone his other skill while flying.

Although he can swallow an almost 10-inch sword on dry land, they told The Log that sword-swallowing while on the Flyboard is too risky — even for them.

Having spent the last 15 years performing together, RootBerry has taken their act on countless cruise ships, college campuses and military bases. Among their many accomplishments, RootBerry has won Three Guinness World Records and they have been rated world champions five times.

To learn more about RootBerry, visit them online at RootBerry.com.

To learn more about The Legendary Shots, visit their YouTube channel DCUStudios2.

To learn more about Power Up Watersports flyboarding in Destin, visit PowerUpWatersports.com or call them at 461-1034.

To watch Legendary Shot’s and Rootberry’s video, click here.