Justin Neece knocked in seven runs to lead Nightown in a 15-3 win over Cheney Insurance in the Real Skills Softball League at Morgan Sports Center in Destin.

Neece slapped a home run, triple and a single for seven RBIs.

At the end of three innings, Nightown led 9-3 and managed to put the game away in five.

Jo Jo Carlee and Jeremy Bullock each connected for three singles and an RBI for Nightown.

Chris McConnell led Cheney's with a double and a single for an RBI. Johnny King doubled for two RBIs, and Tyler Bailey connected for a double.

Coastal Remax 24, Prime Lending 21

Coastal jumped out to a 15-8 lead in the first three innings.

Steve Helvie was tops for Coastal with five singles for four RBIs. Corey Hutchens doubled and hit two singles for three RBIs, and Robbie Davis hit three singles for two RBIs.

Wes Nelson clobbered two home runs and a single for four RBIs for Prime Lending. Steve Schutt doubled and hit three singles, and Ryan Ingram doubled and hit two singles for two RBIs.

Underground Inc. 17, Affordable Homes 15

After trailing 10-2, Underground Inc. came back in the last three innings for the win.

Billy Roof led Underground with a triple and three singles for an RBI. Charley Love doubled and hit two singles for five RBIs, and Rob Morgan doubled and singled for an RBI.

Brian Brenan hit four singles for Affordable. Jarrett Beam and Ken Gallander each doubled and hit two singles.

Legion of Doom 21, Silver Sands 6

Legion dominated on the diamond putting the game away in five innings.

Casey Schickler belted two homers and two singles for three RBIs for Legion. Aaron Noah ripped two homers and a double for five RBIs, and Blake Hinley hit three singles for an RBI. Jameson Hinsaw homered and doubled for an RBI.

Dan Lundin hit two doubles for an RBI for Silver Sands. Joe Kerns doubled and singled for an RBI, Mike Stoltz hit two singles for an RBI.